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About Hope In Sight and Annabel George

If you experience devastating defeats, a persistent situation that you can’t change, or a terrifying event that you could not control your exposure to, then you may have lost hope for your ability to change your life or to change painful situations.

My great passion is bringing healing to people who are going through this situation. Hope is a powerful thing. Together we’ll find it.

Meet Annabel George, Hope In Sight Founder

I am a Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Counselor with a Masters in Counseling Psychology from University of Mumbai, where I earned my degree with distinction.
I have previously worked as a Psychologist with an NGO adopted school as well as a consultant psychologist for an online platform that provides chat based, audio and video sessions. I have worked with clients from a wide variety of age-groups and backgrounds – students, parents, young adults, scholars as well as people in the corporate sector. I have been successful in assisting them as they deal with several different issues such as stress, anxiety, phobias, academic concern or career related issues , mood disorders, family concerns, relationships , procrastination, behavioral issues, self harm, abuse and have also worked with clients focused on self improvement.

Apart from individual sessions I have also held group sessions and several workshops on confidence building, communication skills, non-judgmental listening and preparing for interviews. I make use of Cognitive behavioral therapy, art and play therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy and solution-focused brief therapy in my sessions depending on what is relevant for the client.I want to help people deal with the challenges and concerns they are faced with. I want to help them grow as individuals and live their lives to the fullest.



Masters in Counseling Psychology, University of Mumbai

Licenses & Certifications

  • Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty & Stress, Yale University, May 2021
  • Psychological First Aid, John Hopkins University, May 2020
  • Verified International Academic Qualifications, World education services, Feb 2020
  • Online Counselling, Manastha – Best Online Counselling and Mental Health Services, September 2020
  • Christian counselling, Person to Person- Institute for Christian Counselling, Oct 2017