How does Therapy work?

Therapy is a two- way process. It helps you to navigate your feelings, build better behaviors, and relate to your thoughts differently so you can live the life you enjoy. The counsellor works with you to set goals, track progress, and measure results. Your therapist spends time in session to identify the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that shapes your life.

A therapists listens for patterns to figure out what’s working, what’s not, and come up with a plan that will help you make positive changes. It is clear that change comes not just from going to therapy, but also from spending time practicing the skills that you learn in these sessions. You will leave therapy when you are in a positive state of mind and equipped with the tools to manage life better.

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While the session with you is 45 mins long. The counsellor makes use of time before and after your session to prepare and plan for you, so that the session and the next one together, is done in an orderly manner.

It depends from case to case. Research has shown that sessions are most effective if they are held once a week for about 45 min. For a period of 4-6 weeks.

The number of sessions depends on a lot of factors like how well you respond to a session, the intensity or severity of the issue, and how fast you develop skills to tackle things on your own. Though this is information that a lot of people want to know before getting started, it’s not usually possible to tell in advance how many sessions you might need. Each mental health challenge and person is different. That means there is no one size fits all plan for treatment.

Confidentiality is a respected part of psychology’s code of ethics. Psychologistsm understand that for people to feel comfortable talking about private and revealing information, they need a safe place to talk about anything they’d like, without fear of that information leaving the room. They take your privacy very seriously.

As Psychologists , the therapist have to follow certain rules and regulations and clients privacy is one of the most important among them. Though there are some exceptions when confidentiality may have to be broken , each therapist makes sure that the client is aware of the protocol. Do check with the therapist about this in your very first session!

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It depends on what your preferred mode is for the session:

  • For chats it is ₹ 400/-
  • For an audio session ₹ 550/-
  • For a video session ₹ 650/-

For any of the above, 50% amount has to be paid before the session, and the remaining amount can be paid after the session.

While each option has their set of advantages and disadvantages, we recommend that video sessions be done as they have proven to be most effective.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself when deciding if you have a good connection with your therapist:

  • Do you feel your therapist accepts you as you are?
  • Do you feel your therapist understands you, or makes a sincere effort to understand you?
  • Do you feel your therapist cares about you and your issues?

Remember that finding a good fit in therapy can take some trial and error – so don’t hesitate to consult with a few prospective therapists, or even try a few sessions first, before committing to one person. Therapy can be a profound tool for healing and self-examination, and choosing a therapist carefully will gives you the best shot at success.

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