• Amazing as always. I really feel better. Very practical exercise she gave. Thanks for these tools!

    P.C (24) , Social Anxiety

  • She understood my problems and she gave me hope that i can play my life from the pause state thank for such a wonderful session ma’am.

    G.B (19) , Academic/Career

  • She gets my problems and try to figure out rational approaches to solve them. It was good.

    S.C (30) , Love & relationships

  • What do I even say? She's the sweetest and most empathetic listener. She also provides you with tools to deal with your issues. Rockstar Therapist Ms. George!

    L.S ( 20) , Career

  • Its been a very supportive and motivating headspace during our sessions.

    S.P.S (29), Psychological concerns

  • Cannot emphasize enough how positive of an experience this is turning out to be for me. Considering how skeptical I've been about speaking to a professional, I feel very comfortable and valid as a person. I quite look forward to these sessions. Superhuman patience, skill and empathy overall.

    K.A( 26) , Family Concerns

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