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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

A one-on-one session, of 45 minutes, once a week. In-person or online.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Individuals dealing with a similar concern are grouped together after they have been screened by the psychologist. The purpose of these groups is to help them gain support, learn from each other, and gain different perspectives. These are generally 1-2 hrs. long, for about 6 weeks, once a week. These groups are limited to 6-8 members so that it works best for each client.



We conduct workshops and seminars in schools or in the workplace on several topics.

We Deal With

Career Counselling
Career Counselling

These sessions are held for students from class 8-12. As part of this package a student undergoes an interest test, a personality test and an ability test that generates a report of the possible careers that are suitable for the student. On completion of the test, the counsellor and the client have a session to discuss the options, the path to be taken, the strengths and the developmental areas of the student in order to achieve their career goals. A wide variety of resources are also then made available to the client.

Cost per session ranges from INR 5000 - INR 9000 based on the package chosen. Reach out now to understand why.

Couple/Marriage Counselling
Couple/Marriage Counselling

These sessions are 60 minutes long and are held weekly either with both clients together or individually. sessions are meant to look at the concerns of the individuals in the relationship and the best possible course of action for both parties.

Cost per session INR 1500/-

Child & Adolescent Counselling
Adolescent Counselling

Having worked with a large number of children, teens and young adults, we at hope in sight can assure you of our best counselling services for whatever concern your child/ teen is facing. Do feel free to reach out to us!

Therapies Used

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)


Solution Focused
Brief Therapy

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